just put it on

i'm sitting here on my mil's computer checking my email, and i HAVE to tell you what just happened. it's nothing juicy, but it did make me smile.

Dee (mil) opens the door and comes in from the balcony...Daryl is still out there. she makes a bee line for her bedroom at the same time calls back to Daryl 'just put it on'. Hmmm put what on, i wonder? she comes marching back towards the balcony with something in her hand. 'what's going on?' i ask. she replies with a stern look on her face, 'he WILL put aloe on his burn'.
now, i can NEVER get Daryl to put anything on himself if he doesn't want it on. Aloe is one of those things i always suggest, but never happens. let me let ya know that the tops of his feet are a smidge pink from the day of fishing...a little pink. he, like a lot of men, aren't used to real pain, so they kinda bitch and moan about the little aches, colds.... his feet are a little pink, but he mentioned it to his mama, and she went and got the aloe. i betcha he's got it on...let me go check. brb.

fuuuuuunnnnnyyyyyy!!!! i opened the door, asked him if he had aloe on his feet. they BOTH said 'yes' :)


Mother of the Freakin' Year said...

of course. Jeez, men and their mothers!
Purty picture, too...

Stephanie said...

That's funny! In the end, he's still his mommy's little boy and always will be.

iMother2.0 said...

hey Steph, there ain't nothin little about him ;p

iMother2.0 said...

Yeah Mel, I thought that was a nice shot, too. It's a stock photo off Google Images.

I use them frequently on this blog :)