i did it! i fucking did it! since purchasing this wonderful camera from Bonnie, i've been afraid of deleting all pics on the memory card before i got to upload them to a 'puter. well, i fucking did it!!! i had them, i guess, half way uploaded. they were in some sort of folder, then i had to 'get images' after i did, i unplugged the camera and deleted 'all' files BEFORE anything had actually uploaded!!

SEE what happens when i need more chai! FUCK!

and i'm not even going to search for a stock photo of this monumental mistake!


*update* - i did NOT delete anything. i have all my pics safe in a folder. now HOW did my brain fail me so? at least on autopilot, i save my pics correctly :)


Mother of the Freakin' Year said...

heehee! This was your camera teaching you a lesson.

Stephanie said...

Phew!!! I'm glad you didn't lose anything!

Andrea said...

and we were JUST having this conversation!

Now I"m going to be very careful when I'm erasing from my camera cause I'll think of this scare everytime.

At least you weren't a photographer on a photo shoot or something. That's when the stress really sets in.

Miss you, cabrona!