¡Feliz Cumpleaños, Comadre!

Andrea's birthday is today....but we CELEBRATED last night!

nine of us hit Cool River for drinks & dinner. there was one point where a slightly...or a little more than slightly tipsy...Andrea (with half closed eyes) broadly gestured to everyone at the table and said 'Theeeeese are my friends'. i have to say that was the best moment of the evening, for me. here was one of my dear friends, being cherished by a fabulous group of women. she was reveling in it...she was so beautiful. after dinner, we hit the dance floor and literally boogied...or did we shake, shake, shake...shake, shake, shake..our booties? we danced and were silly. when i left, the beautiful birthday girl...still dancing closely with her friends...her eyes were closed and she was gently swaying....so gorgeously serene in the sea of dancers.

Yvonne...by Andrea

Steph...by Anja

Leah Ann & Tanya....by Andrea

Me...by Andrea

Leah Ann...by Anja

(my camera was passed around a bit, guest photographers are noted above..I took the rest)


Stephanie said...

Ahhhh...what an amazing evening! So glad I was able to experience it. The birthday girl looked absolutely gorgeous. I saw a side of her I hadn't seen before and LOVED it!

C-man and Mama said...

Good Times! The birthday girl is always entitled to "let loose" a little bit more than usual!

Andrea said...

Ayyy Mamita! Thank YOU SO MUCH for putting my pachanga together. I haven't had a celebration thrown for me since I was a little girl and I felt very 'especial'.

I love you.

jw said...

Wow! You all looked soo beautiful - and Andrea with the hair. Good Night Nelly! Looks like a deliciously decadent evening. Happy Birthday!!

Mother of the Freakin' Year said...

Great pictures, Tanya! Thanks for documenting...I had a blast. Although I do wish we had pictures of some of the characters on the dance floor. Man.