on the paper, please

Mia's been coloring up a storm lately. She has her own art shelf in the laundry room that she goes to, points and says 'color, color, color, peas (please), color, color, color, peas...' until I get the colors and paper down. Now, if she does this and I say 'later', then she'll drop it and we'll finish what we were up to, and get back to the colors when we can. Once she's liberated her colors and paper from the shelf, we'll sit on the floor and color. If I get up and she still would rather I still color with her, then she'll say 'you. color. peas.' Now, the rules about coloring are that she has to only color on the paper and when she's done, she cleans up.
Well, last week, she drew on the dishwasher. Which, I realize, can double as a dry erase board...the color came right off. Yesterday, she colored on the fridge...with her favorite brown color. I asked her if we color on the fridge. She said no. I asked her if we color on paper. She said yes. I gave her a clean damp sponge and showed her how to clean up her little mess. Thinking that she wouldn't like doing that, therefore stop coloring on our appliances. Nope. she got all into cleaning and actually had a blast! :)

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