Ita to the rescue!

I've been having some problems with my PMDD lately, but I went to my Dr last Thursday, and he put me on a wonderful plan. I'll be seeing my OBGYN in Jan (earliest appt) for something to regulate my hormones, and Dr Musgrove put me on an SSRI do tackle my mood issues. It'll take up to a month for my SSRI to kick in, so until then, he gave me a Rx to get me through till Aunt Flo comes to visit. Ok, TMI, I know, but that's what's going on, and that's why my mom has flown in to help me out for a while :) Ita to the rescue!
We picked up my mom from the airport around 9am yesterday, and Mia was pretty hungry so we stopped at our neighborhood Chik-fil-a for some breakfast and playtime on their playscape. Now, Mia hasn't actually gone up one of those restaurant playscapes before, but she was the only one in there, so she did just fine. I actually went up there with her one time to help her go down the slide. Then along came Maddie, a sweet little 4 year old who was ready to play with Mia. Mia was doing just fine, then Maddie decided Mia wasn't playing how she would have liked, so she went out to her Grandma for a little bit more of her lunch. So, Mia was left on a high level, and it was Ita to the rescue! Just like a fireman getting a stuck kitten out of a tree, there was Ita bringing down her own little stuck kitten.

While I was getting dinner ready, Ita and Mia colored and drew faces on their hands with markers ala SeƱor Wences, played with Mia's shape sorter and then they went up to Mia's bathroom for a while, and Mia came down with a beautiful braid and bow...something she'd only stay still long enough for her Ita :)
Then after dinner, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was on TV! Now, about 10 years ago, I bought little character ornaments from the show, so I pulled them off the tree, and Mia played with each one when they had their scene. Before the show, Mia was calling Sam the snowman a cat, now she has a point of reference :)

Once Mia went to bed, we broke the Wii out. Mia does play tennis with me during the day, but we were going to box...that's serious business. Daryl and I KO'd each other, then Daryl and my mom bowled. He only won by 7 pins! Good times :)

a couple more pics here

Playtime with Ita:

Wii box:

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