Gingerbread House ~ Oh gosh gosh!

Mia has taken to repeating what we say. Ita says 'oh my gosh' a lot. Mia has made it hers by saying 'oh gosh gosh'. You'll hear it in the video.

Last year, my second cousin, Kat, had to give a presentation at school about a family holiday tradition. She thought of all the years she's made gingerbread houses with her Aunt Pam (my mom & Mia's Ita). Kat is now a freshman in high school and they've been making the houses since she was about 3 years old. Kat has three younger siblings, Kristina, Richie and Ryan. They've all taken part in the gingerbread house making with Aunt Pam since they were little, too. Last year, Mia was still too little to join in, but not this year!
Mom used to make everything by hand, now she buys the kits because the kids have short attention spans and just want to get to the decorating. She brought her kit up with her for her Christmas visit, and last night she and Mia sat and the table and created their very FIRST gingerbread house!!!
Mom never pressured me into having children, but she sure is happy to have a granddaughter to share this tradition with. Mia was pretty happy, too. She was very good at eating the icing. Ita had to be quick putting it on and building the house before Mia ate all the icing that joins the walls and roof together. She took a bite out of one gingerbread man and a corner of a wall :)
Mia didn't get that the decorations were candy until the very end, but she was happy with the yummy icing. She even licked it off the table :) In the end, the house was superb, Mia was running round on a sugar high, then crashed and went soundly to sleep for the night. Watching my mom and my daughter create their own gingerbread house really melted my heart.

Some great video of Ita and Mia constructing their first gingerbread house...Mia LOVED the icing :)

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