Mia's favorite number is still 8. She'll stand still and say 8 when she wants us to say 1,2,3 GO!...but bouncing, running across the room or any other event that requires a counting start.

We think she's going through another growth spurt. She's eating EVERYTHING! This is what she ate today:
Breakfast: 1 1/2 blueberry pancakes, ham and strawberries....the pancakes were big and she ate everything (yesterday it was pizza & pancakes for breakfast)
Snack: (30 min after breakfast) container of yogurt and crackers
Snack #2: (1 hr after first snack) string cheese and a kiwi
Lunch: 4 nuggets with ketchup a handful of grapes
Snack #3: raisins, carrot sticks, peanut butter on a slice of bread
Snack #4: whole grilled cheese sandwich
Dinner: Mexican spaghetti, salad of mushrooms, avocado and cucumbers
This was all between 9am & 7pm with a 2 hour nap! Notice that she didn't wake up until 9am and went to sleep at 7pm...this girl is sleeping!

Pancakes n Pizza

Dada helping with Mia's gloves

Ok, on to other things.
She's really into all the acorns she sees on the ground. Really. ALL the acorns. I find them in our bag, my purse, her pockets, her car seat... She likes to sit and find their 'hats'. We went to the park yesterday and she divided her time between pebbles and acorns. She must love me, because she shared some of her pebbles with me, and let me help her find some acorn hats :)

Uncle Joe and cousin Gwen came over for a visit this afternoon. The guys were supposed to watch the game and play with the kids, but we all ended up hanging out withe the kids and talking about the kids. After taking her babies for a walk, bubble fun and playing with Gwen, Mia rested on the floor with her favorite tiger. He's learned how to roar.

On a floral note, Dee gave me a little Christmas cactus plant that came from a cutting from one of Clem's (Daryl's paternal grandfather) plants. It started to bloom this week. The flowers were much more beautiful than I anticipated. Just the right amount of color on my window sill. Thanks Dee.
More pics here

Mia monkeying around...her version of attachment parenting:

park play & strollin':



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