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Gigi loved her birthday cupcake

Wednesday (gosh, is it only Thursday today?) morning we spent at a playdate at Juliet & Blake's home. We all celebrated little Gwyneth's FIRST birthday. She was around 7 months old when they joined the group, and now here she is blowing out her birthday candle and enjoying a very chocolaty cupcake...and she's walking, too! It was fun hanging with everyone.
Auntie M & Gwen were there, too. I really enjoy seeing them as often as we do. Gwen can do something new every time I see her. This was a bittersweet playdate because our good friends Amy Joy and Livie are moving to Philly next week, and this probably was going to be the last time we see them. At least we got to know them as long as we did, but we will miss their smiling faces.

Amy Joy & Livie

Daryl had league pool night last night, so Mia and I went to Chick-fil-a for dinner and fun. In the play area, she did pretty well. She made friends with two little girls, and at one time there was this 9 yr old boy, Kevin who wanted to know how old Mia was. They were the only kids in there, so when I told him she was almost 2, he said 'she'll do' and started playing with her :) He was sweet and coaxed her gently up the huge step/climby things, through a tunnel and down the slide. But when another boy showed up, Kevin ditched Mia and started shooting his 'super powers' at the other boy, and they started running around like lunatics. It did end a little poorly when Kevin, bonked heads with Mia pretty hard, and had Mia in tears. I don't have a problem telling other kids that they need to be careful around young ones, and I asked Kevin to come down and apologize to Mia...he readily did, and I do believe, truly was sorry. It sounds like a huge deal, but from start to finish it took about 1 1/2 minutes. I'm a mama bear, hear me roar! :)

On the way home, Mia noticed all the 'lights, lights!'...christmas lights on all the homes, and kept saying 'again' and 'more'. We drove around for about 30 minutes checking out our not very festive neighborhood. Some houses are decked out, but the majority just aren't. We, will never be compared to the Griswold's (just found this cool link)and their light show, but we do have some twinkle lights out. We skipped the bath, cuz she was so darn tired, and I was, too. So off to bed she went. We had a fun ladies night out. Daryl had a great time and pool and shot a 38. Which is pretty darn good, regardless that he's been out of the league since Mia was born. I hear the star of the show is Tom. Mia's pool shark Paw Paw.

Today, Mia woke up in a crabby mood. I took her to Ready, Set, Play in hopes she'd snap out of it. Nope. Everything hurt her feelings and she cried a little. She was super fragile, so we took off back home after only 30 min. I put her down for a nap almost 2 hours early than normal, and she was out like a light. She was in a much better mood when she woke up. The girl just needed some rest is all. Our pals Jillian & Kayli came over to play this afternoon. Then we piled the kids in Mia's wagon and I took them for a ride to the mailbox and back while Jillian started dinner. Then we all hung out at their place for a bit. Kayli has a new kitchen play set that Mia adored. Even thought there's a 9 month age difference, the girls get along great.

Now that I'm feeling better than ever, we've been busy , but I think that's about it for now.

Here are some shots from Gwyneth's birthday playdate...at the end (you can use an arrow there to skip all the older pics)

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