The Bell turns TWO!!!!!!!!!

Friends: Sarah, Tanya & Lori with their girls Isabel, Mia & Livie

Saturday night was spent with friends celebrating Isabel's (the Bell) second birthday. The Bell and her two little friends Mia and Livie partied like rock stars! Sarah & Erik had an amazingly yummy spread...and a spread jr for the kiddos.

The Bell with the bag we 'made' (used iron on patches) for her

Sarah & Erik have the most child friendly friends around. Everyone sat with the girls asking all about the dinosaurs, animals and vintage Little People they were playing with. Mia was especially fond of The Bell's octopus. Then Sarah broke out the doll house, and Mia was so into it, we didn't have to wander around the apt looking for her. She was plopped in front of it for a while.

Livie found The Bell's fancy shoes, and all the girls took turns wearing them. Lisa & Gord were there, too, with their 3 1/2 month old Willa. We hadn't seen them since Mother's day at Lori's when Lisa was only a few months pregnant. Their daughter is simply precious. Livie & Isabel spent a long time with the baby.

The Bell & Livie playing on the bed (Isabel with her fancy shoes)

They had a fantastic chocolate on chocolate cake from Whole Foods. While Erik was putting the candles on it, Isabel and Mia stalked him, and stood around his ankles licking their lips in anticipation. We asked Mia to with The Bell a Happy Birthday, but what came out of Mia was Happy CAKE Day! :)

After a wonderful time, we had to take our little snapper home. She'd run around their apt on a sugar high, and we wanted to be home when she came down and crashed.


Sarah said...

Thanks for coming and making it so much fun. The "Isabel" bag is wonderful. She loves it! Thanks for the terrific pics, too. Is it okay if they show up on our blog (so the Grandmas can see how much fun it was)?. Will credit! ;-)

Mia's Mama said...

you silly goose! take any pics you want...credit or not :)

I'm so glad she liked her bag. I had a fun time making it...I'm sooooo crafty :)