Ita's in town!

My mom came in yesterday to celebrate Christmas with us. I kind of knew when She and Daryl would be home from the airport, so Mia and I were looking out her bedroom window when they drove up. Mia went crazy saying Ita Ita Ita. Mom said she looked just like Rapunzel up in her second story window. When they came in the house, Mia went straight for the stairs to 'get her'. It's only been a little over a week since she was last here, but man, did we all miss her.

The blue worm brushes her teeth

Mia and her Ita have been having a ball. She's the one that goes into Mia's room when she wakes up, and she took care of her this evening while Daryl & I went to the movies. They play, read, play, snuggle, play... Ita even gives her her baths :)

This morning, we had a block party! She likes sorting them by shape...square, triangle, cylinder, rectangle, arch... and now Ita is showing her how to sort by color. Mia knows all her colors now. She even knows that Niles has gray fur and a bwack (black) nose.

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