the baby

As long as I can remember (My mom just told me that she got it the Christmas before I was born, so it's almost37 yrs old!), my mom had this nativity scene that she'd bring out every Christmas. It had it's place under the tree, off to the side, so it wouldn't get hurt. Ever since I was little, I was mesmerized by the little baby in there, and LOVED to play with it. There's remnants of glue from years gone by. That little baby never did stay in it's place for too long, then we were playing with it again.
A few years ago, my mom gave the nativity to me. So, every year I bring it out and place it under the tree. Not last year, we had a crawler who wanted to get into everything. This year Mia is respecting the look, touch but don't pull rules in regards to ornaments and decorations found around the house.
Yesterday, I found her checking the little baby out a few times, just as I did. Now she just can't get enough of him. Christmas is always a special time of year, but moments like these really hit home.
Mia & the baby:

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lori said...

mia with the baby is just tooo cute! what a great family story to continue with mia!