Mia & I are very much butterflies that are indeed social!

Monday night my sweet husband took wonderful care of our little snapper while I went out to Stephanie's house for an Other Mother (a playgroup) re-gifting party. About 20 moms showed up and we had a blast eating, drinking and chatting.
We all played a fun game where we rotated gifts (that we had around the house...a chance to re-new & re-gift) around to each other based on the book Hand Hand Fingers Thumb (one of my all time favorites...Mia's, too). When the word 'hand' was read, we passed our gift to the right. When the word 'monkey' was read, we passed to the left. It was a riot. I brought a set of 6 shot glasses (Allison, a pregnant mama, got them!) and ended up with a very nice blue-ish green-ish bowl and some lavender soap. Dawn liked the soap, which was a bit too strong for me, so I gave it to her. Juliet LOVED the bowl. It matches her kitchen/living room perfectly. In exchange for the bowl, Juliet gave me the 1 hour sitting time with photographer/friend/mama Bonnie!!!! She won it last week at the Kid's Holiday Party. It was Juliet's idea, and I wasn't going to say no!!!! Andrea T had a good time walking around with icing with icing on her teeth chatting away with other mamas...on purpose. She's a blast! Stephanie, Andrea, Juliet and I got carried away with my camera and took loads of pics....some with an empty wine bottle with the name 'Mommy's Time Out' on the bottle. What's funny is that I only had one glass of champagne, but let some crazy mamas get together, and it gets silly :) This morning, Juliet & Blake hosted a playdate for another playgroup we belong to. My neighbor Jillian (Kayli's mama) started the group a while back. Stephanie and her boys were there, Sonia and her twins, Liesl and her Andrew (we met them at Phoebe's birthday party). I met Martha and her Bethany for the first time. They were great. We all had a great time. Juliet made yummy quesadillas with pureed squash hidden in the cheese ala Deceptively Delicious. All the kids played well together. Aiden & Ava (Sonia's twins) got into it a bit, but everyone was alright in the end.
We have swim lessons and maybe a park playdate tomorrow. I have a wine/recipe exchange party with some mamas tomorrow night, and Mia and I are going bowling...or is it roller skating on Friday. We sure are social :)

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Andrea said...

Where's the photo of your BOOT?!
That one made it to my profile pic on MySpace. Ha!