Last Day of 2007

all the girls play

we met up with Lori & Livie and Sarah & Isabel at Robinson Park this morning. Before they got there, Melissa and Gwen came walking up! We all had such a wonderful morning chatting and watching the kids play.

Sexy Sarah

While Mia and I were still alone, she was playing with pebbles, and picked out one in the shape of an octagon, and then found a triangle. It's interesting when she comes up with things like that.

Mia + Pebbles = Happiness

Livie lost a boot, but that doesn't stop her

This was the first time Livie and Isabel had been at this park, and they just loved it. Live dove head first right through the door window, and kept on going like it was nothing! Later, she dismounted a swing in a similar fashion, and would have been fine if the swing didn't come swinging back and hit her head :(

Isabel and Livie enjoyed the tire swing, while Mia enjoyed all the pebbles. Gwen had fun walking around with her snack. She really held here own with the big girls. Mia, Live & Isabel were so very gentle.

The Bug prefers shovels to spoons

Isabel is almost 100% potty trained. She went shi shi (potty..I think pee pee) three times while we were there. Mia and Livie went with her twice to check things out. Mia was rather intrigued when the Bell actually pee pee'd in the potty, and then Livie gave it a try, all she got was some practice ;) All this peer pressure may scoot Mia along.

Auntie M pushes Mia and Gwen around

After 2 1/2 hours of play, we all took our worn out toddlers home for their naps. Now I have to pack Mia's bag for her sleep over at Nana & Paw Paw's tonight.... Daryl and I are going to Shane & Krista's New Years party!

Robinson Park Fun:


Melissa said...

love the pics - i linked to some of them 'cause i was too lazy to download and then upload them. :) hope that's ok!

Mia's Mama said...

one of the many things that Mia's taught me is how to share :)
link away Auntie M!