go ahead and poker

last thurs night, i had some O'Mamas over for some poker. out of 7 players 2 were texas hold 'em newbies....Andrea & Melanie were fabulous! i was made fun of for being a stickler for the rules...without rules there's chaos...not at my poker table! all the girls drank and ate...i ate and ate to make up for not drinking. a room full of 6 drinking ladies is hilarious! Bonnie came away the big winner. i didn't do so bad with $16. i think Heather was the biggest looser heading home with $1.25 in her pocket.
half way through, Mia came down after her bath for some love and kisses from her card playing mama. she tried to steal some of my chips and Heather was quietly asking for her to put them in her stack!we'll be doing this again!

the following pics were taken by Bonnie

(Bonnie Berry Photography)

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