I was tagged by my mamacita in crime Andrea

7 Weird Things About Me

1. I'm afraid of milk. The expiration date seems so fragile. What if the delivery truck got to hot? I started drinking soymilk years ago bc it's exp date is like 3 months after date of purchase...now that's something I can handle....and no, I can't just sniff regular milk to see if it's ok. Once opened and used, the milk around the rim stinks like rotten milk anyway!

2. I can eat something that's been left out all night. I know, I know. Disgusting, and it goes against the premise behind my milk phobia.

3. I deal with anxiety almost on a minute to minute basis. When I'm driving, I can see us in a wreck and mutilated. When Mia's climbing on a playscape, I picture her falling and breaking her back or neck...super morbid, but I'm constantly battling it.

4. I LOVE jumping out and scaring Daryl, Mia or anyone I feel super comfy around and the ideal moment presents itself. The look of terror on their faces is priceless. Don't worry, Mia thinks it's hilarious!

5. My sex drive either equals or is higher than my husbands :) I've got PCOS which gives me a large dose of androgens including testosterone. Hence, the high sex drive.

6. I LOVE to pick my nose. It feels great! What do I do with my boogers? Well, if I don't have a tissue handy, I stick 'em in my pocket! I never EAT them!

7. I play with Barbies. I've always loved brushing their hair and getting them all dressed up. I play with them while Mia naps. I'm sooooo not into sharing :)

I'm suposed to include a self portrait. I just took this outside (better light). I kinda dig it.


Andrea said...

Yes, it would help if I would comment in the correct post. Let me try this again.

Yes!! Milk! If it's even the day before the expiration date it worries me! I'm contantly looking for expiration dates on EVERYTHING. Mike makes fun of me.
He'll try to tell me I can use eggs two weeks after the exp. date.

No thanks.

I love your self portrait. I'm hoping everyone I tagged will "come and shoot as you are". And you did.

Also love the bougainvillea blossoms in the background.


C-man and Mama said...

Number 6...aha...now we know where Mia gets it from...ROFL!

Stephanie said...

Remind me to never stick my hands in your pockets!!! LMAO!

You and I have a lot of similarities (except for the nose picking thing)..no wonder we get along so well!

iMother2.0 said...

whatever!!! EVERYONE picks their nose!!!!
Daryl was like 'you shouldn't write that...you'll freak out your friends!'
My friends already know that I'm a freak!
A few close poker buddies know another gross habit of mine ;)

iMother2.0 said...

ok. I've been corrected. Not EVERYONE picks their nose (only the lucky ones. SOME people just blow their noses. Now, where's the fun in that?!?!