we've got a spotter

since tuesday, i've had really light spotting...the brown kind (old blood). no big deal, but it's been a few days. We've even laid off the sex (the penetrating kind) to see if it was that. it didn't make a difference.

this morning, for some reason, i got a little more nervous. then came the pain. we called the doc on call and he said that it could be something or could be nothing. he went on to say that i may be having a miscarriage, or possibly not. if something happens, go to the ER, if not, keep my appt with my reg dr that i have on thursday. ya know, what else could he say? he told me to relax and not do anything strenuous. now that's some advice i can follow.

more pain. then i made it to the bathroom. had the most wicked crap, ever! and now i'm fine.

mia and i went to the store, and she got some new sneakers. really, it's ok :)


Stephanie said...

You're giving me a heart attack WOMAN!!! I was reading it and saying to myself "Oh shit!" and then read further that you really did! I'm glad you are feeling better. Take it easy until Thursday!

Andrea said...

Ay, Mamasita!

Relax as much as you possibly can.
And a good poop always helps.

iMother2.0 said...

the hardest part is the no sex!!!