The following clip is from our gardening adventures yesterday. Today, when we found worms she would great them all the same:

'hi werm'
'how you doin'?'
'how you doin', today' (because she didn't get a response the first time?)
'see ya soon werm'
'ok mama, back in the dirt'

Another difference today is that she actually pet one, gently and without gloves...then, flustered, she immediately said:

'bye werm...mama. dirt. now.'

Then we layed back on the grass under a tree and wondered where the birds were going.

Mia - 'that's a bird'
Mama - 'where's it going?'
Mia - 'to his family for breakfast' or 'flying to the moon' or 'not going to play with a werm...in the dirt'

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