chai (yes, again)

yesterday, my body, for some freakish reason, responded to Daryl's alarm...at 6am! there was no way back, so i pulled myself from my warm bed towards the kitchen where i would be soothed by a warm cuppa chai.

denied. no soymilk!
how the fuck did that happen? Daryl had stopped off at the store the night before to gather some last min items for the shrimp dip i took to Allison's blessingway. didn't even THINK of adding soymilk to the list. i've been very narrow-sighted these days.

Daryl found me wrapped up in a quilt, sitting in the middle of the sofa...sobbing. why? why can't i just have chai? it's a cruel world out there. i do NOT like Starbuck's or any other chai but my own, but it requires vanilla soymilk (with added fiber), a special chai concentrate and a microwave. I'm classy like that. for some reason i've been avoiding the grocery store. hard to get soymilk that way. there was no chai in sight for me. *whimper*

my husband cuddled me. tried to comfort me all the while (i'm sure) thinking 'how do i get out of here alive, without going to the store and soon...i have to go to work' what he told me was, 'don't worry, i'll be right back with some soymilk...i need creamer for the office anway'. this was said when we both knew that he'd hit rush hour traffic. was it an empty offer? well, we'll never know as i responded with a 'really? *sniff* really? *sniff, sniff*'.

he acquired said soymilk (happily), saved my day, and will forever be a hero in my eyes.


another note about chai. i guess this can go for coffee lovers as well. i'll be busy typing away, enjoying an occasional sip of the nectar of the gods, and then i'll reach for the cup, and it feels way too light. horror! the cup is empty and i didn't relish the last drop...i didn't even notice it.


Stephanie said...

You have a keeper there!!! It's so nice to see and hear how attentive he is with you.

Bonnie said...

When I go to make my morning latte and there is no milk, my cry can be heard across the land. What cruel god did this to ME? Can I call Darryl when this happens? Do you think he'll bring me milk?

Sarah said...

That's a wonderful story. For me, the most amazing times are when we are when we are rescued when we don't _really_ need rescuing. When someone does something for you when it's not life-and-death or even hospital-worthy, it's truly a gift. Sure you would have made it through your day without, but you didn't have to because he has your back. That's such an amazing feeling.

Andrea said...

Do you realize how pampered you are?? Mike needs to hang out with Daryl.