how can you NOT smile at this child?

earlier, i was at the grocery store with Mia in the seat of the cart. she's a pretty friendly girl, sometimes a little shy...aren't we all? for some reason sitting high up in a cart gives her a lot of courage. she shows it by cheerfully saying 'hi' to strangers.
as we were checking out, i was putting our stuff on the conveyor belt, Mia was facing away when a mom and a little girl of about 4 got in line behind us. Mia excitedly waved and said 'hi'. both mother and daughter just looked at Mia with blank looks on their faces. Mia said 'hi' again. nothing. they didn't budge. WTF?!?! would it fucking KILL you to say hi to my kid?!?!
the 4 year old girl is one thing, she may be shy herself, but the MOM!!!! now, you moms out there, and readers in general, if a kid says 'hi' to you, don't you say 'hi' back? am i bizarre by thinking that children and their feelings are RELEVANT? like i said, the kid is one thing, but that MOTHER...a fellow mother with a daughter, who must have been in this situation before, did nothing except ignore my sweet charming daughter! SHAME SHAME ON YOU!
on to what i did about it.... in hindsight, i wish i would have said something stronger, but i gently, but loud enough for the to offenders to hear very clearly, said 'don't worry Mia, it's not you. some people are rude and don't say hi.' then i proceeded to check out where the checker and bag person BOTH said hi to Mia....and they sounded genuine about it. Mia smiled her big smile and said hi back. SEE! that's how it's done, and it wasn't that hard, now was it?

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