relaxin' @ Guitar Hero MNO

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O'Mama Sharon hosted a Guitar Hero MNO Friday night. it ROCKED! Christen was all punk rock in her spiked hair and vans. Melanie was a RIOT! she as the rump shaker down. Sharon helped everyone out, and totally kicked every one's asses. i had briefly met Jennifer at the O'Mama get together at Hyde Park, but it was so great to get to know her a little more...she's so freakin laid back. Andrea was a blast, as usual :)

i played for a bit, got boo'ed off three times in a row (by the game...not the gals)...i SUCKED but i had a blast! then i hung out, chatted and enjoyed some of Sharon's homemade ginger ale.

i must admit that Boo must have been going through a growth spurt, 'cuz i was super duper tired...i tried to hang, but i don't think i did very well. maybe i should stick with the daytime events for a while....but even though i didn't play much, i had a fab time hanging out with some awesome O'Mamas and watching all the rockers rock out!

more rockin' pics from Melanie HERE

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