so far so good

Dr Kuhlmann ROCKS! i love how mellow and methodical he is. he doesn't assume that i know everything about what's going on (essential for preggo brain), or treat me like i don't either.

new t-shirt idea:
I'm Self-pay, and YES, I do know how much having a baby will cost

many of his staff members questioned me about my lack of insurance info in my chart, then asked if i'd spoken with the business office....(this happened at least 3 times)

Daryl and i finally hooked up with his wonderful nurse, Peggy, got labs taken care of, then saw the Doc. no ultrasound today, but i'm def preggers and my uterus is growing.

we go back in two weeks for the ultrasound. no heartbeat (he didn't check bc i'm not far along enough), but Dr K doesn't seem to have any worries, so i won't either.

i napped for 2 hours this afternoon. i need to do that more often.

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