when two blogs collide

Welcome to my new blog!!!! Isn't it FABULOUS?!?!?!

Let's start off with a little Q&A:

1. why the move?

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself - Andy Warhol

I've been running two blogs: Mias Mama and iMother. Mias Mama was all about my life with the snapper (our first kiddo). iMother was all about my life beyond motherhood.

We're growing our family, and expect Miss Lily to join us in early May 2009. At that time, the title Mias Mama will have been outgrown...obsolete, and I seriously think I'll have a hard enough time keeping up with two kids much less two blogs. This is my attempt to be proactive...to simplify.

2. what can i expect?

We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves - Lynn Hall

Since I'll be combining both of my worlds, this blog will be jam packed with my thoughts and happenings in my complete life....being a woman, wife, mama, friend, photographer, drummer and anything else my heart desires. It will be more comprehensive, the complete me.

3. what should i do?

no profound quote on change available at this time

Come back for more :) Add this new and improved blog to your favorites, 'follow' me, do the bookmark thang...just visit again...I update pretty often.

*a HUGE and SPECIAL thanks and hug to Super Fabulous Sarah of Ruby and Roja Design for creating this blog with me...she has a BIG brain and knows all about HTML!


Melissa said...

Hot damn! Love the new look. Gotcha bookmarked!

Christy M. said...

Love it! That Sarah is truly fabulous! The header is amazing and I love the dramatic background color. Truly fabulous!!!

Sarah said...

Aww. Thanks, Tanya! I LOVED working with you too!

C-man and Mama said...

Looks super fab mama! Made the switch and looking forward to the complete you! :)

jw said...

WOW! Very awesome!

Stephanie said...

Love the new look! Thanks for updating my link too. :)

Andrea said...

I'm LOVING the new look and also the fact that I can read all about you in one place!

Sara Ballard said...

Whew! I am so tired I never get a chance to look at everyone's multiple blogs! This is so much easier! AND it looks FANTASTIC!! I should follow suit and do the same thing... awesome. I LOVE it!

Christina said...

This is brilliant! Such a clever play on words, very smart to condense so you only have one place to update, and I just adore the fun branding - iPost, iShoot, iFollow. Fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Hooray, I'm all feed reader set!