....it escapes me

my bedtime is now, and for the past 4 nights, 3am. why? i've been preoccupied by something extraordinary. my thoughts have been everywhere...even to the moon and back...if not further. i have tired eyes, but a happy heart.

Mia is the most amazing child. i love to hear her thoughts. i wish i could follow her around with a tape recorder because now, at 1:46am, i have no recollection of her words...free of censorship and full of wonder.

as i was unloading the warm fresh towels earlier this evening, i remembered the feeling of burying myself under the towels my mom had just pulled from the dryer. THAT'S heaven. i've solved the mystery of what heavenly clouds are made of. now, i can sleep...almost.

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Stephanie said...

Ohhh..how mysterious...what is the "something extraordinary"?