regret vs. guilt.....sort of

i was chatting with buddies this afternoon. a couple of beers later, and some how were on the subject of husbands. One friend said that when she asked her husband if he regretted anything in his life, he said no. That it all made him who he is. While I understand that concept, I can't get over how confident that sounded.

later, when i got home, i asked Daryl if he regretted anything in his life and he just looked at me and said no. i KNEW he would say that. my husband has a certain kind of quiet confidence about him...very elegant in a way. he reminds me so much of my dad (i know) in that respect.

i know i am who i am because of the total of experiences in my life...good and bad. but i can't help regretting some things....a lot of things actually.

this morning...i regret that i gave Mia an enriched white flour waffle instead of the flax, omega-3, whole grain ones we usually have. maybe regret is to harsh of a word. but i still keep running things around in my head in loops. 'well, it's homemade....yeah, it's homemade crap....'

i don't usually beat myself up over little things like this. i guess it's more mama guilt than regret. hmmmm

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anja said...

hey sweet tanya...just read all your entries on the first page, haven't read this blog before. I love the way you write, you're so present, it's like you're talking. I miss you and I don't have your phone number...will see you soon I hope at a mamam thingy, today is day 9 in America and my first day on the internet..anyway, such a long comment..let's meet soon. Kisses to your cute Mia. BTW Anika, who calls herself 'Aatta' is bilingual after her India trip=)