mind vs. mirror

i'm one of those girls with a fucked up body image. i've been thin. i've been fat. i've been everywhere in between. on the days that i feel all svelte, i can conquer the world! on the days that i feel like a chubby manatee...well, those days just suck.

everyone who has ever taken a photo of me, or been around when it's happened, knows that i have issue with a certain double chin. it shows up...even on the days when i'm feeling like a barbie doll...not as plastic, of course.

i've been fighting with myself lately about loosing my toddler weight...i don't think i can still blame it on the non-existent baby....i have a full blown toddler now. i'm not going to go on and on about the diet i'm starting tomorrow. i'm still fighting and the enchiladas are winning!

during the trip to the valley, Mia and i hit the museum. in the kids area they had fun house mirrors. there's nothing fun about them...well, except the one where i've been stretched and look svelte :)


anja said...

there's something very blue and arty about these pics despite the bright colors of the fun house. maybe its the body image words or the reflection of a non smiling woman with a camera..The pictures go so perfectly with the words..sometimes I feel all svelte and can achieve anything and on other days I feel and dress like a sack of potatoes and everything sucks. I know we all deal with our own images issues, but for whatever its worth, i think you're beautiful you have a warm, naughty smile and a beautiful soul.

Andrea said...

Thanks for brightening up my Monday morning. I'm close to my all time high (about 10 pounds lighter than my all time high) and I can't seem to move past this point. You know what did it for me last time? I got fitted for a wedding and the dress I had ordered was too small! I had 2 months to get into that dress, and by golly, I lost the weight! Then a couple months later I got pregnant wish Sophia. It never ends.

Besos y Enchiladas

Bonnie said...

Those damn enchiladas are ALWAYS winning. All I know is that I never met a Ben and Jerry that I didn't like. And shut up Andrea, you skinny girl. : )

iMother2.0 said...

Mmmm Chunky Monkey....ugh! I feel like a chunky monkey :)