my sunday so far

i have no idea why, but my PMDD symptoms are pretty much gone without the '.' that's a good thing, now wondering when i'll get it. it sucks (contraception wise) not knowing where i am in my cycle.

on to the allergies. i woke up feeling hungover, but i didn't drink last night....that's just not fair. so, i checked the pollen counts and oak is like 1,666 something or other...note the demonic reference...my headache had to have come straight from hell. ok, i'm exaggerating...but my head does hurt.
once Daryl is done mowing the grass/stirring up oak pollen :p we'll be headed out for Dripping Springs to hang with the fab in-laws. i miss them.


Andrea said...

My allergies have been KILLING me. I mean BAD. I was the snot queen of our camping trip. But it was worth it. Good thing for NyQuil.

iMother2.0 said...

Awwww The Snot Queen...how regal :P

Hope ya feel better soon, Mamacita. Today was a much better day for me.