i talk a good game

last night, Daryl & i went over to Courtney & Harry's place for a friendly game of poker. Erica & Dave, and Stephanie & Michael, also wanted me to take their money.

first off, Harry had a yummy spread! Daryl contributed his famous 7-layer dip, and Stephanie some spicy salsa. it was Erica's birthday, so Harry also pulled out all the stops by making a chocolate decadence cake with raspberry sauce for Erica's birthday. Seriously Delicious.

poker? yeah, i sucked, but i was AWESOME at drinking. sometimes you just don't get the cards. when that happens, you are NOT supposed to keep on bettin'. Daryl made up for my loss, and we pretty much came home even, but I came home with my pride a little dented. Erica, the birthday girl, was the big winner of the night...as she should be.

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Stephanie said...

WOW! Look at Erica's stack of chips!!! I'm sorry that we couldn't stay until the end. We had a great time though!