Ita's house !!!

First off, Mia is a Super Awesome flying companion!!! While waiting to board, she chatted with strangers and hopped around...then glued her nose to the window watching the planes and crews working below. She picked out a window seat and once belted she kept repeating '1,2,3 BLASTOFF!!!!' I got her to bring it down to a whisper and she was totally fine...even while blasting off. Now, let it be known that I'm afraid to fly..not flying ...dying! Flying just makes me feel like dying will happen soon. Mia kept me distracted enough to not remember my fear. She's so good to me :) When her ears bothered her, she pointed to them, she drank from her sippy cup and was fine. She ROCKS!

We took an hour cab ride from the airport to my moms house...Mia had yogurt pretzels, so she was fine as wine. I carefully watched the driver who drove way too fast with not so good brakes. The ironic thing was that he was the same driver that picked up my sister and Mike and drove them to my mom's during Christmas. How random is THAT?!?! The Valley, smack in the middle of a drought, is a dry place. The grass is brown, everything is dusty. It kind of hurt my heart. Then we made it to Ita's house!!! Her trees are so big and her garden is so lush, I felt like I was in a rain forrest compared to even her neighbor's yards. She was THRILLED to see us and we were THRILLED to see her!

I'm getting tired, so I'll just post a few picks from today....and one of Mia talking to her sweet Dada on the phone. We're having a ball, but we sure miss him.


Stephanie said...

I'm glad the plane ride worked out so well for you. I love the second to last photo of Mia...AWESOME!

Andrea said...

It looks like the girls are all enjoying time together. Relish it!

Lachelle said...

Hey Tanya,

Great pics! I love all the pics of Mia on your site. So great. I miss you girl. Take care and please stay in touch. :-)