it's all about us

Yesterday, was all about us. Daryl, Mia and I had a fantastic day. We broke in our new swim passes at our neighborhood pool. Mia dazzled her Daddy with her swimming prowess. Mia's been in swim classes for over a year now. So, I'm not sure why, but he was SHOCKED by her skills. Mia sat on the edge of the pool, and when prompted by 'ready, go', she jumped in, easily got her body to horizontal, and swam about 6 feet to her Daddy. He was FLOORED! Apparently, when I said she could swim, he thought she would just flail about randomly until someone scooped her up. We brought her inner tube, so when she wasn't swimming back and forth between us, she would take off...fast...towards the other end of the pool. She rocks :)

After a much needed nap, we hooked up with our wonderful friend, Bonnie. No poker or Loteria today...it was business. We had an amazingly fun photo session on and off the trail between Mills Pond and Katherine Fletcher Park. She's such a pal, that we were so comfy and natural around her. Daryl was amazed how easy it all was.

Here's a sneak peek of the art we made together:
peek here


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Stephanie said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful family.