packing update

it's 8:34am and we leave at 11am for the airport. i still haven't packed a thing. this is me living dangerously. when i was younger i was a bit of a thrill seeker...i've found it again :)

off to slowly drink my chai until Mia wakes up and i guess i'll start packing then...packing with a toddler underfoot...it add to the thrill!

stay tuned for my blog entry on everything i forgot to pack.


Lora said...

Just the thought of this situation streses me out. That's when I'd say, why bother packing I'll just go shopping when I get there. Have fun!

Andrea said...

omg. I'm SO the same way! It's getting worse as I get older too.

Have fun cabrona!

Stephanie said...

This Mama misses you!