mama love

Stephanie hosted the spring/summer blessingway last night. i really wasn't feeling up to it, but i went anyway, and i'm glad. i was able to give Courtney and Monica neck and shoulder massages. i'm glad i had some lotion in my bag, because i wasn't sure if it was on the list of events for the evening. i was able to pass on some love via massage, and that was a special part of the evening for me.

i dabbled with my camera...lighting was dim and yellowish, but i was able to take a couple good-ish shots. i'm having a lot of fun with it all. i just cant' wait to get my larger memory card in the mail. i love the following shot of Courtney...it reminds me of the beautiful shot Bonnie took of me at the holiday party. fab position for the reduction of all double chins.

this photo taken by Bonnie

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