O'Mamas, boobs, pancakes....and jello shots!

O'Mama Asst Organizer (and amiga) Andrea T

O' Mama MNO at Kerbey Lane tonight. i was totally exhausted this afternoon & evening and had decided not to go. when Daryl got home, he looked into my eyes and very gently said 'honey, I know you're tired, but you always have fun when you get out with your mama friends. Go. You'll have fun and forget your tired.' that's just the push i needed. after dinner, while Daryl & Mia were playing on the bed, i got ready to go.

i'm so very glad i went. i get rejuvenated when i hang with my friends. everyone was in a fabulous mood, talking, hugging, sharing...some drinking. i had 2 cherry cokes! i'll just high off sugar & caffeine. this really is an amazing group of women. no judgements, just support and love.

a few of us closed the bar down. oh, we had the whole bar to ourselves...door shut. we got as loud as we wanted. Stephanie, Juliet, Belinda, Melanie and I stayed for breakfast. they have the most wonderful migas and the yummiest blueberry pancakes i've had in a while. and i'm picky.

oh oh oh! i almost forgot. tonight Stephanie had her very FIRST jello shot! we're so proud. we tried to get her to down a yager bomb, but she was strong and didn't succumb to peer pressure.

O'Mamas ROCK!!

newish O'Mama Kiwe & her lil nursling, Mia O'Mama Melanie's boobage...don't worry, she got mine! there's ALWAYS a pic of some O'Mamas boobs at almost every MNO event

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Andrea said...

I'm so glad you decided to come! Yay for Daryl for encouraging you.

I love the chichona pic.

So Stephanie had her first jello shot, eh?