valentine's day?

the following can be found (if you're an o'mama) on the o'mama message board:

I was having major problems with my Outlook, so I called Daryl for tech support (this was our first conversation of the day...he left while I was still asleep), and was frustrated by a couple of other things...'ugh, it won't work! WHY won't it work?...it SUCKS!!!' he replied, 'Happy Valentine's Day, Honey...I love you and get this working right now'...in his sweet voice.

I'm an ASS a Valentine's ASS!

**i woke up on the WRONG side of the bed this morning. it's really shaken me b/c it doesn't happen very often. i'm surly, highly irritable, totally grouchy, huffy, resentful...pretty much in a bad mood.

if Daryl were here, he'd let me have a 'do over' and start the day again. i miss hims so. he's only at work, and will be home soon, but i'm in dire need of one of his hugs.

it doesn't FEEL like valentine's day to me. maybe i can nap it off.....and when i wake up, my beloved will be home ready to give me a hug.

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