what's the word?

that seems to be my FAQ. i've lost my words, and my ability to multi-task, so everything takes at least twice as long. i'm just plain spacey.

today, i hurt. my back hurt. my shoulder hurt. dr harry to the rescue. i've been adjusted and told to ditch my shoulder bag for a back pack. in the past week, i've changed so much...i've added my coromegas, prenatal liquid vitamins, exercised every day, done my stretches. this afternoon all i wanted to do was cry. i haven't yet. i'm waiting till Daryl comes home (he's working late. sob) and Mia's asleep, so i can fall apart properly.

i'm just pregnant. nothing's wrong. no tragedies. no injuries. just pregnant. i thought if i followed all the directions, that i wouldn't have such mood swings. laugh. BIG LAUGH!

oh, the one word i can easily conjure from my brain is 'fuck'. that's a good word.

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