nails, sickness & poker

somehow i did fall asleep, and sleep soundly till 10am. i hooked up with my fav gal at Elite Nails and got a relaxing pedi and rockin' mani. as this trip was a xmas gift from Daryl, i had fun and received not your standard polish.

i was back from pampering in time to grab Daryl and head off towards the Alamo Drafthouse for a late lunch and matinee. we attempted to see There Will Be Blood. i swear i could smell the fumes from the oil, and the fall and broken bone scene turned my stomach.

MY morning sickness happens between 3 & 7pm. my sweet and understanding husband took my hand and asked if i wanted to leave. our server was more than understanding. while Daryl settled up, i went outside for some fresh air. he came out with our uneaten food wrapped up and two movie passes then brought the car around for me. i love him. he takes such wonderful care of me and our babies.

just as we got home, my nausea subsided long enough to scarf down my philly cheesesteak and fries....up to a point. i was fine, then all of a sudden the bite that was in my mouth HAD to be gone! now! i spit it up into the trash and moaned on the sofa under a quilt until it was time for poker.

en route to poker

i love poker with the guys. it was at Vinny's (everyone should have a pal named Vinny) this time, and the table was full of guys ready and willing to give me all their money. Daryl and I lasted about 3 1/2 hours, then we were out. i held my own for a good long time, then tired and pretty much gave up. Daryl, taking full advantage of having a designated driver, (i wouldn't have it any other way) drank a lot. he's such a freakin' cute drunk!

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