what does a lamb say?

Caught on Tape: Mama Harassing Toddler into Making Animal Sounds....over and over and over!

We were lucky enough to be invited over to the Anderson's new pad for dinner last night. After another bout with some fire ants (Mia was on the losing end again) at the park, Mia needed a diversion. That diversion was Livie and her awesome swimming pool! Lori and Josh cooked up some OMG FABULOUS fajitas and Lori's YUMMY rice, black bean and cheese creation.

After dinner, we were entertained by two little mermaids and their antics. Livie, trying to adjust her hat until it was just so, taking the guys for a walk around the yard, being a little cheeky in regards to her swim diaper, and trying to drive us home. Mia, climbing in and out of the pool and up and down the stairs...really trying to get a chunk of sidewalk chalk down the steps and into the pool. That's what she was doing when I interrogated her about the sounds farm animals make. She's has dog and lamb down pat, and actually learned the 'neigh' of a horse on the way home. We just asked her and she said it for the first time.

Oh, I also have a couple of snaps of Mia in her new Longhorn cap, playing with the monkey we won at Dave & Busters and a couple of cool pics I took of clouds :)

Our Little Mermaids

Yes, she does have them walking backwards :)

The three of us

Live ready to goooooooo!

Longhorn fan preseason

Monkey hugs

I thought this was a screensaver on my camera, but I took it on the way to the park
(the cloud and tollroad pics look great if you click on 'em)
view from Tollroad 45

exhibit A in the harrassment case

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