14 hours later....

Mia is STILL asleep!

Yesterday, after storytime, she took an almost 3 hour nap. She was then up long enough for some lunch, a quick trip to the park and a little play time with toys. Then she was making sleepy signs. I wasn't sure if I wanted her to take a nap @ 6pm, that may have caused her not to sleep that night, but I wanted her to be in good spirits when Daryl got home. So, down for a little nap she went, but she's STILL asleep! We checked on her, still breathing, no fever...just a sleeping baby in her play clothes from yesterday :) I hope she's not sick and it's just a growth spurt. Her Abuelita is coming into town today, maybe Mia is getting all rested for her visit.

On another note, she LOVED her new step stools, actually she loved the water the stools gave her access to. Getting her to wash her hands won't be a problem. Speaking of cleaning up, Mia sometimes snacks in the car and gets a little messy. I've started to hand her a wipie and tell her to wipe her mouth and her hands, and she does! She's not as thorough as this mama cat, but it's a good start. I've also been teaching her how to throw her diaper away, get her shoes from her room and put them back when we get home. She really gets a kick from helping.

She's not too sure about the table and chairs. While she really digs sitting there, having her snack and being able to look out the window...mounting and dismounting is going to need some practice :)

Mia usually wakes up as soon as I start blogging...hmmmmm this girl makes me think.

hand washing, playing with water..whatever you wanna call it

table for one

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