This is THE Secret Garden

Mom's been working hard on Mia's Secret Garden since she found out we were preggers. It's funny how you have to wait sometimes for things to grow. She's been patient and loving with all aspects of design. As my mom has told me, this is a work in progress, (taller plants here, needs to move something there...)but I think that if she stops here, it'd be perfect. Her vision, I'm sure, will be even more amazing once it comes to full fruition. But still, it's magical.

Let me start by saying that her back yard is divided into two parts by a garden room that I'm sure you've seen in pics. The garden room comes out into the garden from the house like a peninsula and has 3 sides of floor to almost ceiling windows. It's the room with the blue & white sofas. Anyway, she has an East garden. Here, is where she has her brick patio, and tons of space to run around under trees. The other side is the West garden which has become Mia's Secret Garden. There are lush ferns, a huge pecan tree.... Mom has made some meandering trails to to walk leisurely through and stop and smell the ...everything :)

She has little figurines and fun things hidden amongst the flora and fauna. A sweet little white wrought iron table and chair set, perfect for Mia to have her snack. There are little areas for listening to wind chimes, places to pot plants and play in dirt, an area with natural wood instruments... There's even the old Radio Flyer Mae and I used when we were kids. Since then, mom's made good use of it buy hauling mulch around.

Mom also put in a couple of little ponds with fountains that are solar powered. She hooked us up with one. We just need to get it together. I love the many bird baths and bird houses she has...only one vacancy!

Show me your world, uelita

The good ole Radio Flyer

Smart Abuelitas use a found spark plug for pegs

Feed me x 2

back from getting tacos ~ just saw her Mama and is making a beeline towards me :)

what a succulent wreath

following her Daddy on the East side

sneaking away...Daddy underestimates her sneakiness

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lori said...

omigod, that garden is stunning! i love the pics!