Quick note about last night

Mia helped with dinner!!!

I asked Daryl to help snap the ends off the green beans while I worked on the rest of dinner. He plopped Mia down at the table with him, and enlisted her services. Mia does have substantial prowess when it comes to putting things 'in'. So, there they sat, snapping beans together. Mia only chewed on a couple. When they were done, they scurried into Mia's tent to read books till dinner was ready.

After dinner, we played, played, played...well, AFTER Mia's bath :) Mia kept sharing her Big Duck (ostrich), fish, and poodle purse (Daddy won for her at Dave & Buster's). Now when we say 'sharing', that sometimes means 'here let me show you and tease you, but then ultimately walk away with it'.

Love my husband. Love my Mia.

Mia & Daddy helping with dinner

Storytime in the tent

THIS is my Big Duck

(yes, I do carry it around by it's neck)

Big Duck & fish

Here's my poodle purse

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