we've been busy

...trying on hats from her dress up box, getting the oil changed, swimming in her new pool (thanks Abuelita), hanging out at Ikea with Sarah, Isabel, Lori & Livie, and getting ready for our trip to McAllen this weekend to visit Mia's Abuelita!

Just because it's never happened before....

Mia went down for her nap today in a t-shirt and diapie. Nothing unusual. Well, I don't think she was super tired yet, and wanted to play because I found her after her nap (3 hours later!) unwrapped from her diaper and sitting in the middle of freshly pee'd on sheets! Thank goodness for mattress pads (Thanks Suzy & Livie)! I suspect she played with the diaper till it came off then fell asleep, but who knows. This will be the 3th sheet/mattress pad change this week. The other two times were when we failed to notice that Mia needed diaper doublers to hold it all in over night. So, we've been doing bunches of laundry :) At least Mia takes her diapers to the trash now. She's a big help.

Mia LOVES her new swimming pool! It's very cool. Just like a cabana, but with a pool at the bottom. We added her slide to the mix. So now she climbs up the rock wall to get up, sits at the top until we're watching and say '1-2-3 go!' , she slides in, then she climbs up the slide (it's very slippery so it takes a while, but she LOVES the challenge) and does it again. Video to come later :)

I'm glad the girls and I met this morning. Retail therapy never hurt anyone. The Snapper found a fabulously colorful plush ostrich she liked. She called it a 'big duck' and then proceeded to chew on it's beak, so in the cart it went (damn teething). We all had a great lunch. Taking turns grabbing food while 2 'rents watched 3 kids. We passed things around for the girls to try, and chatted. It got my mind off my mom. She's making me nervous staying in the hospital this long. She'll probably be out today, so we'll be heading out for a visit tomorrow after Mia's swimming lesson. It's a loooooong drive, but well worth it with my mom at the other end :) It'll do her heart good to see her loving granddaughter.

Oh, after the 3 hour nap this afternoon, I had to think of a sneaky way to wear her out without wearing ME out...that's where the sneakiness comes in. 'Hey Mia, wanna go to the park? Ok, let's WALK'. She walked 3 blocks over, played, walked 3 blocks back, but when we got home, she kept on walking past it. So we went another 1/2 block until Daddy drove up. I never saw this girl walk so fast! She's on the brink of running. Mia was so red in the face and sweaty.

Just when she was about ready for bed, she was teething pretty bad, and we were out of Tylenol. So, Daryl and I decided to stick the Snapper in the stroller and hike it to Walgreens and back. Mia pointed out her first star in the sky, and kept saying 'dar, dar'. It may be Venus, but don't tell her :)

This is THE pink hat (video included below)

Pointing out the BBB sticker to the oil change guy ~ watchin' her Mama's back

nakie baby sliding & swimming (Daddy's the lifeguard)

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