Hangin' at Mia's Crib

Friday, the Bell & the Bug came over to visit the Snapper. They also brought along their Mamas to visit me :) It'd been a while since the girls came over here, and since we had so much fun, I'm sure they'll be back before ya know it.

First off, Isabel was stylin' with her A-line retro dress, peach sweater and cowgirl hat. Didn't get a decent pic that would do this outfit justice. We all talked about how the cutest shoes stop at size 4. What's up with that?!?! Livi had on some green sneaks that I would love to have for myself...a little bigger, though.

From fashion we hit food. I must say I had a pretty good spread of broccoli & cheese bites, bean & cheese rolls and fresh fruit for the little ones. Us big girls had some little pesto, tomato & feta pizzas and a brie & apple pastry that was soooo yummy. Ok, we had some of the kid food, too.

It was so nice to sit and talk while the girls played. They play so very well together. Everything was calm until Isabel and Livie decided it was time to take turns screaming. It scared the fire out of me. Ask Lori or Sarah about the freaked out face I made when Isabel let out her first high pitched squeal right behind me. Mia and I just looked at each other, not knowing what to think :) Then off to Mia's room to play. Isabel and Livie jumped in Mia's crib laughing and squealing while Mia snuggled with Sarah, eating Isabel's O's (like cheerios, but way healthier and probably organic)

When it was nap time and everyone was gathering their things, girls, girl's things...Mia sat in my arms waving and saying 'bye bye' like she was a Homecoming Queen. Poor Isabel left her cool hat behind, and Sarah was sweet enough to get another for Isabel and let Mia have the other. Yay! Another hat!!! Thanks so much Sarah and Isabel!!!

Close your eyes

Lucky Lori

Lunch Time

Sippy cup envy



The Bell reads

Mellow Livie

Not so mellow Livie

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