ducks galore

We started off the day with Mia's first swimming class of the Summer session. She has a great new teacher, Chantal, and some very fun mates. A Sydney from her Little Gym class was there, too. I like that they continue where they left off if they were in a previous session. There two new kids, who were beginners, Mia who was under the water for 3 full seconds ( we actually count 'one thousand one, one thousand two...slowly) because this is her second session, and a little girl that had taken the previous two sessions who could go under for 9 seconds! These kids are all under 2 years old!!! There were the usual fun games and stations. A great start for the Summer! There was this little boy, maybe about 4 years old, who was taking swim classes for the first time in the section of the pool next to us. He had a VERY hard time...crying the whole time. The instructors were great...didn't force or anything. I overheard his mom saying later that she wished she'd put him in classes when he was younger. Poor kid, poor mama.
Then Mia and I took Daddy out for lunch. He hasn't been feeling well this week, so it was wonderful to add some sunshine to his day, and to ours :) After dropping him off, we went in search of some elusive OTC medicine that he hasn't been able to find. Jackpot! Along with more ducks, bubbles and a piano! Like I said, Jackpot!! We quickly zoomed back to the office to drop of the medicine and got more kisses from the Daddy.
After a good hard nap, Mia played with her ducks and piano...at the same time :)
Oh, last night, Mia was apparently too hungry to wait for dinner. While I was cooking, she was caught red handed as she snuck into Niles' dog food bag, and ate some tasty morsels. I can't say much...I ate cat food when I was a kid and Daryl ate some rolly polly bugs and some other 'creative' stuff :)

not so stealth pantry sneaker

willing to share dog food

on second thought

digging her piano

a phone AND a duck!!

check out the technique

gotta wear ducky shades

one of her MANY ducks wears shades, too