riding, walking & steping, oh my!

We received the parts we needed for our bake trailer, so we were off! I truly think Mia enjoyed her new ride. Um, I've realized that we live on a slight incline that feels like Mt Everest when I'm in the wrong gear. It's a great work out and Mia and I were able to check out the field for cows, goats, or donkeys. None to be found, but we did hit a couple of parks yesterday evening.

At the park we frequent primarily, Mia decided that it was time to WALK up the steps. Her first use of handrails. I think you can hear me sucking in my breath a couple of times in the video. I'm proud of myself that I didn't run and 'save' her. It took all my energy to just watch and let her keep on keepin on. A beautifull black and yellow butterfly that was seriously twitterpated with Mia and kept coming around to play.

Oh, IKEA is dangerous! I managed to get out of there with only a couple of step stools for Mia (to wash her hands at the sink...what a big girl), and a little table with two chairs kind of like the one Livie Higbee has. Mia rode in the cart for about 1/2 the time, then I busted her out and she walked the rest of the way. Big Girl shopping moment.

Mia snackin in her new ride

butterfly wants to slide

no, just wants to play with Mia

WALKING up the steps! What's that about?!?!?!?!

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