Proud to announce that our family is growing!

After much thought and consideration, Daryl and I have a couple of new additions to our happy family. Mia's finally a big sister and she loves it already!

Introducing Lola and Mog!

Aren't they sweet? Both are goldfish. Lola is the orange fantail, and Mog is the black moor. They are so much fun to watch, they sat with us at dinner time (they ate also), and Mia was enthralled...ok, so were we! Mog tends to hang out on top and Lola, well, she's everywhere :)

We had a blast going to get them. There were dogs all over the place that Mia got to meet. She also hung out with a rat that when she saw him, she called him a mou...short for mouse. She has a mouse puppet and LOVES the book Goodnight Moon which features a young mouse that Mia always points out. Between the young mouse and the red balloon, I don't know which she loves most. She walked around the corner and encountered BIRDS!!! Blue and yellow ones...quite bright and a smidge noisy...Mia was in heaven. She kept saying 'bir bir' while signing the ASL sign for bird.

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