Mia the Explorer

After a busy few days, and swim class on Friday, we spent the rest of the day hanging out with each other reading books, walking down the block and playing at the park.

Mia really isn't very interested in the playscape any more. She'd much rather walk around and explore things she finds amongst the leaves. She was thrilled when she found a stick that was shaped like a boomerang. She left me sitting at the playscape, while she walked around the park...making sure I didn't come. Mia's really been into having some alone time and time to figure things out on her own, then she'll look up and give me a big smile. A smile that says she's proud of herself and maybe...wanna come over here, mama?

All of this gives me a chance to watch her and think about how much and how fast she's growing up. Take swimming for example. She can totally submerge for a few seconds. She knows when I say 'ready, go' that I'll be dunking her in. She holds her breath and is ready, willing and so happy when it happens. When she floats on her tummy, she's starting to kick and doesn't mind floating on her back for a little while. Yesterday's class was so eventful, exciting and fun.

Gonna go explore...see ya Mama!

um, I'm still exploring and you're buggin' me

Sumo girl tasting one of her finds

Messy proof of a fun day

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