It's 11:11pm and all's well...

...except that I can't sleep :)

Mia had a bit of a rough day today. Her molars are killing her and all she can do is walk around and moan and walk and whine and walk and fall, moan and whine. I was so distracted by Mia's unusual uncheerfullness, that we missed Lapsit and the Y. We did get a lot of snuggle time. She loves to bring me books then sits in my lap, points at various animals/objects, turns the pages while she hums to herself. I think I play the part of a warm chair in all of this, and that's just fine. We did get to go for long walks today and hit a couple of parks. Mia tried to pull herself up, but missed a bar, her hand went through and she hit her head super hard. She cried until I pointed out a ladybug. She kept on with her business after that, but frequently came back to check on her bug.

Here little ant bites are almost totally healed. I take daily walks around the property looking for ants and poo, yes, that does happen to be in the Mama job description. Oh, along with teething, Mia isn't eating much, which is to be expected, so we gave her a bottle of formula tonight to make sure all is well with her vitamins. I don't think she noticed that it wasn't her regular milk.

It's almost our anniversary! I think we've been celebrating it since Friday. Daryl has one more gift for me hiding in our guest bathroom. I'm not supposed to go in there. He has plans on taking it to work with him and bringing it back home tomorrow evening. He's asleep right now, and the bathroom is soooooooooo close. I love him so much, so I won't ruin his surprise, but for the record, I haven't even peeked and I really wanna :)

Have I mentioned how much I miss Suzy? It's only been 3 days! We usually talk every day, this is killing me. My mom finally got her phone back, so we were able to chat for the first time since she left last Sunday. It was a short call, bc it was while I was making dinner, and Daryl was trying to get some berries into the fussy baby.

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