12 Roses

Our second wedding anniversary was so lovely. I did manage to not peek. More so because I didn't want to spoil it for Daryl...THAT is love :)

I woke up yesterday, and found a single rose on the counter with a pink post-it note attached that said:
12 roses for 12 (specific) things I love about you. It's too bad I couldn't find 10,00 roses because there are easily that many reasons I love you! Happy Anniversary

Now, Daryl frequently tells me that he loves me, but I'll teasingly ask him 'what do you love about me, specifically?' So these roses had a lot of sweet meaning to them. I found 11 more roses with notes scattered throughout the house and the last one in my car. It was a romantic scavenger hunt. He's the most romantic husband, and I get him forever and always.

Mia and I picked up Daryl for lunch, and let's just say that Mia brought creative spaghetti eating to new heights! After lunch Mia and I came home, and I started making the enchilada dinner (my mom always made enchiladas for my dad on their anniversary) for my sweetie...complete with rice, beans, German choc cake and really good beer.

When Mia went to sleep, Daryl got something else for our anniversary, but this isn't and Adult rated blog!

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