Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter!

We had an amazing fun filled Easter day. After Daddy made some scrumptious migas and got ready, we headed over to Nana & Paw Paw's house. On the drive over, Mia kept saying 'Nana Nana Nana'. I've been showing Nana's (Dee's) picture to Mia and telling her that she's her Nana. I'm so glad Dee came up with it, bc Mia can actually say it. 'Grandma' was a little hard.

Anyway, we were welcomed by Nana, Paw Paw (changed from 'Grandpa' for the same reason) and Memaw, AND Mia's new chick, who she named PooPoo, bc the chick did just that when Daryl sat her down on the carpet for Mia to check out. So, Mia has a Rhode Island Red chick named Poo Poo :) Out of the mouths of babes. Mia heard the word 'gentle' a lot while hanging out with her new baby.

Carl (Daryl's cousin) and Shannon (Carl's girlfriend) came up from San Antonio. We hadn't seen Carl since Memaw's 80th birthday bash last August, and had never met Shannon. Daryl and I had a great time playing doubles with them. While Mia walked around the house like she owned the place! Joe and Melissa introduced Gwen to her little chick, but I didn't hear what they named her.

Tom made his tasty chicken chow mein, I brought my Italian cream cake that I made from scratch! and Shannon was sweet and came to the party with a luscious chocolate pie. Daryl brought in Mia's portable booster seat, so everyone was able to eat together. Gwen had the highchair and squealed at a water bottle and had a pretty good time while Mia was fed by Nana.

We had a fabulous visit, but on the way out, my husband cracked a cascarone on my head! He'd hidden it in his shirt... actually dropped and broke a previous one in Dee's office and scurried around to clean it up before I noticed. I was completely blindsided. I truly underestimated his sneakiness :) He was sweet, and gave me a pair of Longhorn bunny horns on the drive home.

Mia has been asleep since we got home...about 2 hours ago! She'll probably wake up early, but it was such a busy day full of fun people and things to explore it's nice that she relaxed and gave in to the sleep fairy.

(p.s. Look for the video of Mia's introduction to her new chick)

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