Note to Mia

Hey Snapper,
I love watching you grow. You've become so affectionate and have always been mellow and light-hearted. While making dinner tonight, I was thinking about how much I'm looking forward to you scooting up a chair to the counter, climbing up and helping me mix a cake, snap the ends of green beans, measure all sorts of good stuff and of course, lick the bowl. You're a great help already. You pull out the mixing bowls and pots and pans and create some beautiful music which to cook by. You have such a ball opening and closing the automatic trash can and love your refrigerator magnet toys, that you seem to be in front of the fridge just when I happen to need to get in there, and really don't understand why you have to move. But when the door is open, you make a bee line for anything you can get your hands on. Oh the lure of the fridge. So many bottles, containers and colorful stuff. You're well aware that's where most of your food comes from, not to mention your 'mi'...milk :) I truly enjoy sharing the kitchen with you little girl, and am really looking forward to sharing the joy of cooking with you, too.
Your Mama

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