Miss Marks-a-lot

checking out her pretty red, yellow, orange, blue, green and purple hands

While I was making dinner last night, Mia amused herself, and me, with her new 'washable' markers. Since she was little, she's been going to restaurants with us and lately we've been letting her play with the crayons more and more. They've been going straight into her mouth less and less.

I realized that you have to work pretty hard...press firmly in order to color with crayons. MARKERS!!! Markers are almost instant and so vibrant. So I sat her in her booster chair at the kitchen table with her markers and paper. This is what we found out:

* while intentions are to touch the paper with the end of the markers, sometimes they did travel to her mouth and elsewhere

* switching hands is more difficult that you'd think. If you're holding one in the right hand, then the left hands wants in on the fun and will always grab the part with the color soaked felt

* paper isn't the only fun thing to color

* give a cheek two strokes with a marker, and yes, Mia will look like 1/2 a cat

* surprisingly 'washable' markers are indeed washable

* Mia is an artist!

(enlarge to see the finer points of artistry)

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